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We've been hosting Karaoke since it's first inception in the USA when Karaoke was only available on cassette tape's. We had to rewind and forward the tape's to cue the song's and the lyric's were read off a little pamphlet. There were only limited song selection's available those day's, so shortly after Karaoke was released on Laser Disc, we took our show on the road to the local club's and private parties! Fast forward twenty six year's later, and we're still hosting Karaoke show's! We have over 1,500 original CD+G Karaoke disc's with over 10,000 selection's to choose from. You can view all of our Karaoke selection's here on our website! Click the link's below.

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Karaoke F.A.Q.

Q: How do you do your song rotation?

A: The first request of the evening is the first singer. Every request received thereafter will follow the previous request. Once everyone has sang we’ll start back at the top and follow the same order.

Q: How do you keep track of the song rotation?

A: Everthing is computerised these days. A history log is kept and we refer back to that to keep our rotation. This will also show how the order went the whole show.

Q: How do you fit new singers in the rotation?

A: We usually try to call a new singer to the microphone within the next two songs after we’ve received the request. This is when everyone else has sung at least once already.

Q: I’ve had my request in for a long time and he/she just got here and they’re up there singing already?

A: Please refer to the previous question.

Q: I’ve been waiting a long time to sing, when is my turn coming up?

A: You will be called in the same rotation as the last time, but remember there may be new singers in the lineup now. If you have a request in you’ll never see someone have two turns while your waiting.

Q: What if several new singers put in requests at the same time?

A: We’ll organize all the new requests in the order we received them and fit them in the rotation every other song.

Q: Why do you only take one request per person at a time?

A: This is so we can easily organize the rotation and be sure that everyone is only on the microphone one time per rotation.

Q: I already have a solo request in. Can I bring up a duet as well?

A: Unfortunately no. If you were sitting there waiting to sing for a long time, you would not be happy seeing someone else have two turns before you even had your one turn.

Q: How can I sing more songs at a show?

A: Come to the show early. Most shows start out quietly and you may get a few songs in before the crowd arrives.

Q: I have to leave, can I get boosted up in the lineup?

A: Sorry that’s not up to the DJ. Each person that has a request before yours must come up to the DJ in person and state that it’s ok for you to cut in front of them.

Q: If I give you $20.00 can I go next?

A: No. We’re already getting paid to be here. And to favor you we’d have to cheat everyone else.

Q: Can I have a microphone to join the person singing?

A: It’s up to the person singing to tell the DJ it’s ok to give you a microphone. That is providing that you haven't sang already this round, and if you sang the previous round, that you fit near the correct order this round. If you already have a request in for this round, then it will be held till the next round. We prefer you don’t bother a person while their singing as it puts them on the spot. And you won’t be too pleased if they tell you no. It happens ! Please plan your duets in advance.

Q: I came here to sing, why are you playing dance music?

A: Most dance songs are by request. There are people at the show that are not singers and we want everyone to have a great time. Many couples we know have actually met and first danced together at our events.

Q: I can’t read or I have bad eyes and cannot see the book.

A: No problem. We’ll be more than glad to help if you can’t find anyone else to help you. You can also see our complete song list's on this website !

Q: Why are you outside smoking during my song?

A: The state of Massachusetts has banned smoking in clubs. If you’re singing a long song, first we’ll tune you in, then we may use the remaining time to step out. But, I'm able to hear your song and remotely adjust the vocals and audio from anywhere on the premises ! Like everyone else, we must smoke outside.

Q: How far away do I hold the microphone?

A: If you are singing quietly sing close. As you get louder, pull the microphone further away. Then go close when you are singing softly again. If you are too loud the DJ will adjust your vocals to match the music. We set the microphone at your "average" level for the whole song. Please do not yell directly into the microphone. It will exceed the equipments peak levels. See our mic technique page for more !

Q: Why don’t you have a certain song?

A: There is no DJ in the world that is going to have every song that you request. We currently have around 10,000 different Karaoke songs. We don’t include repeat titles in our book. We only use the closest to the actual radio version of the song. All the new Karaoke songs we get are by request from the singers. Feel free to ask me to check if a song is available on Karaoke and if it is I will get it for you on the next order.

Q: Why can’t I swear on the microphone, we’re all adults here?

A: Swearing on the microphone sets a bad atmosphere and takes the fun out of the show. Our song books are strictly monitored for swears and anything found too offensive has been removed. The “F” word, the “N” word and some others are not allowed at all on the microphone.

Q: I know you say "no more requests" but he/she’s been singing all night. Can I sing?

A: We always announce, “we are taking last requests”. Once those requests are in and we say “No More Requests”, it is because we have enough music to fit our schedule.

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